Mission Statement

Conformed to Jesus in Baptism
With our hearts always ready to celebrate the Eucharist
And welcome the Gospel following in Jesus’ footsteps
We witness to the Holy Spirit’s Power of Love
To build up God’s Kingdom of peace and justice and forgiveness now and everywhere
– adopted by the Pastoral Council, 5.29.08

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Paige Kassner is a member of Holy Rosary Church. Paige was in a terrible accident on Saturday, November 15. Please keep Paige in your prayers.

Lord our God, hear our prayer as we come before You. our sister Paige has been seriously injured and is in need of our affection and prayerful support.

We pause now in the busy-ness of our day to pray for her to have strength to carry the burden of her injuries and for her recovery.

We pray for those who love Paige, Her family and friends, and who surround her at this time. Support them with the sacred strength of Your Spirit so that by their love they may be medicine for her healing.

Loving God, We entrust Paige to your care this day; Guide with wisdom and skill the minds and hands of those who minister to Paige in your name; doctors, nurses, aides, and all hospital staff, and grant that every effect of her injuries may be taken care of.

Lord, in this communion of love we now reach out through the power of your grace and surround the bed and the body of Paige with light, love and the power of prayer.

May healing, health and holiness be Paige’s. May peace, grace and love surround her and an awareness of your Divine Presence be a tent over her bed of pain.

Blessed are You, Lord and God, who rescues us from pain through healing. We thank You for this fragile gift of life. Amen.



If you would like to know Paige’s Status please follow the below link. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/paigeelizabethkassner/journal/view/id/546cc4898b5cd3db0ace66b5

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